Ron Pichardo

Ron Pichardo

Tattoo Artist & Founder

Ron Pichardo, native to Philadelphia, is artist, founder and CEO of Swagga House Tattoo in Elkins Park, Pa. Along with 10 years experience in the tattoo industry, Ron is also an urban mixed media artist with a background in the fashion and graphic design industries. His brand officially began in 2010 as a small store-front clothing boutique, Swagga House, in North Philadelphia where custom Pichardo brand apparel was exclusively created and sold by Ron himself. Sometime after launching his clothing boutique, Ron was unexpectedly prompted to try his hand at tattooing. To his amazement there was an instantaneous connection to the art form, and so he eventually made the transformative decision to launch his career as a tattoo artist, opening up a small private studio, Swagga House Tattoo in Philadelphia. 10 years later, Swagga House Tattoo has moved to Elkins Park, Pa and now grown to become a multi-artist studio with other amazingly talented individuals who are just as passionate about the art form.


Saint Mike

Tattoo Artist

Saint Michael specializes in fineline and micro-realism style. Philadelphia born and raised, Saint began his love for drawing at a young age. He became fascinated with the process of tattooing when he got his first one at 18. It wasn’t until he turned 26 that he decided to try his hand at tattooing. A self-taught tattoo artist, Saint Michael is sought after and known for his microscopic level of detail.



PMU Artist

Rebekah, our very own Angel of Arches, specializes in eyebrows and microshading. Her focus on clients and each of their unique features allows her to create brows JUST FOR YOU. As a former makeup artist and tattoo apprentice she is now able to incorporate her beauty training and skills into developing beautiful eyebrows that make her clients feel great, and look even better!


Josh Infante

Tattoo Artist

Josh knew at a young age that he wanted his life to be surrounded by art from watching his father draw and witnessing the development of his cousin's painting and tattooing career. At 17 he received his first tattoo and immediately fell in love with the outcome and decided to devote his love of art into tattooing. At 22, Josh has now become a versatile tattoo artist by gaining knowledge from different artists and picking up techniques along the way. He is grateful for the opportunities he has had in his career and is eager to learn more about the craft he loves the most.